Thought held in the body manifests as energy flowing or stopping.

Stopping energy will be materializing as some hurt that does not leave.

This is what diseases and what injuries are. Hurt can come and go, but if it stays it is injury. Illness can come and go, but if it stays it is disease. Allowing one’s thought to be, the thought comes and goes and has direction with meaning.

One gets in trouble wiith thoughts that makes one uncomfortable, denying them, holding them back, or trying to control where in our consciousness they belong and make some artificial boundaries around the thought.
On one hand, the ability to hold boundaries around unpleasant thoughts is critical to our function and our personal power to survive and work through trauma.

On the other hand, the resources of self-love, breathing, and embodied movement make possible the courage to heal and flow through to integrate old thoughts so they flow.

Science vs. Spirit

In the institutions of science, people with various motives, and some who lack understanding of nature and important cohesive universals of how things work on planet earth, have been allowed and fostered to create explosives, poisons, and toxic materials at such an alarming rate for many many decades.  In particular, lack of and utter disregard for both intuition and nature has led us into institutional blindness to needs, resources and skills that were the constant work and play of living in connection to the land. We have constant needs for air, water, rest, food/medicine, shelter, community, and more. If these things are all provided to us for a price as customers of every need we have, what are we working toward?

We can start to unlearn useless habits, and relearn useful hobbies, and occupations. Moving collectively toward sensible relations and holistic solutions.

The waters, lands and all beings are infinite in quality, not in quantity.  Sacred.  We need to talk about this think about this be about this live about this infinite nature we are in.

Though sometimes enclosed in boxes of low artificial quality glued to some distraction or other.  Where isn’t nature?  Can we escape fully?  Yes.

The mind exists without nature.  But human nature is enfolded in nature, so the escape is temporary.

Return to life on planet Earth.

Help us Great Spirit to forgive ourselves for the great harms and selfishly reprehensible acts humankind has done and continues to do to Mother Earth. 

We are returning into her field

Awakening to the roots

Drawing in the universal spirit waters

Giving life limitless helical bounce

Rhythm in systemic vibration

Shaking loose the poisons that live in us. Receiving wide blessings of sunshine and deep relaxation. And the fungus betwixt rise up to manage the material upload and dispel the toxins. Be in good relation to your gut, cleanse good, let go. Keep the blood beat pumping to all your cells. Hold your truths down to surge through the membrane opening.

Welcome to Planet Earth Dear One!

Universal Galactic Messengers unveiling the wider longer deeper truths

Unfurling possibilities to dream big again

To unearth new field stones for foundations to hear the stars by

Hold quiet now sisters and brothers listening within

You know where the divine is always

Humans Are Not Creating The New World

At this time, mankind
Is dead:
Humans have lost the battle
against nature.
Those of us in westernized societies full of entitlements and privileges can go on Pretending that we still have a chance
To maintain the structures streamlining our lives with luxurious access to whatever we want…
But really, we’re dead.

It’s a lost cause. 
Nature bats last. 
The view ahead is the magnificent power of her waters changing more and more rapidly.
There is no more denying this.
Death is here, quickening change.

But here, if we can find stillness in this,
there is a wonderful opportunity to open the door of the pain of this defeat;
because only in the raw and vulnerable state of morbid certainty of failure, can we open the door of release from this false living.

We can allow ourselves,
like garlic planted last fall, to be plucked suddenly out of the soil we’ve grown in all along.
To be thrown in to some new world without roots in the ground.
To be unearthed and cleaned…
So that our medicine can be used.
We need to be Harvested into the new world. 

The potential is present in us all.
But remember, we are no longer the leaders.
The Mother is creating the New World through us, only if we surrender to the true need for release from the systems of oppression.

How do we compost these computers?

How do we reuse these wrappers from the junk we bought, choking the landfills and oceans?

How do we drop these addictions to ego drugs of all kinds, robbing us of our breaths and heartbeats,
while our heads are down watching the screens of infiltration and destruction of our rights (for those of us who ever had rights), of our true learning,
of our communities of connection,
of our senses of purpose,
and of our money as well.

We pay the pusher to keep a steady feed of injections of the war machine drugs,  war machine foods, war machine media, war machine commerce, war machine politics and war machine uncivilized discourse?

It is a matter of surrender.  Being uprooted to remove the notion of continuity of the systems in place.
Give up now. 
Retreat.  Surrender your arms and leave quietly, before we all become prisoners of this war.

Only this brings us out of the door and over the bridge to the New World of inter-being our hearts know is possible.

J. Nathaniel Peyman
1:30pm. Friday August 7, 2020

Forming community ourselves in northern VT.
Finally with our own acquired land to steward.
We are called to cultivate and offer this beautiful space in this troubled time for healing, respite, and revitalization with natural connection therapies; growing, foraging, and preserving foods, other homesteading activities including natural building, and healing arts and healing play on the land and in the water.

We believe in spirit-led improvised integrations of ancient designs with modern life conveniences to help us transition out of complacency within systems built by and for dominant oppressivists.

We Make Music

We make music to visit with the ancestors

To visit with the souls of the rising up this morning, this day, this night, in a cycle

In a cycle

In a cycle

In a cycle

We make music to meet our souls rising

Lift lift lift me up

Lift lift swiftly up

Lift singing, swinging up

Soaring, leaping, dreaming

Lifting, hauling, transforming


Finding, feeling, sensing


J. Nathaniel Peyman



Add it up!

I am a man.

I am white.

I am tall.

I am good looking.

I am smart.

I am Christian.

I am heterosexual.

I am educated.

I am thin.

I am well-dressed.

All of these things are labels

Can’t define me.

These labels don’t add up to me.

Cuz I am queer —

Yes, I said I am hetero,

But I am queer, cuz I am both.

You can’t just label my private sensibility

of sensuality – my sexuality – like that!

I am hunched over on the toilet.

Because there’s something I have got to get out!

And it’s the middle of the night and my glasses are broken

So I need to bend down just to see the page.

You see I am near-sighted.

But the sight of you has come into focus

Amidst this shit storm

War of words — heaving labels from the trenches

Of society’s front lines.

The problem is compounded

By this persistent thought that’s a double agent- double agent

Whispering falsehoods into people’s ears

While their gazes are fixed on the “enemy”.

He whispers into their minds

“I know you” and too often they believe it.

When all we know is labels in our own heads.

And more and more we have found

Ways to use labels to replace knowledge.

Knowledge comes from understanding.

While all this shit is flying in the face of knowledge,

We can’t afford to be silent.

We can’t afford this time to be silent.

Because time’s up!

Cease your fire!

We spit words of hatred

Only because we don’t understand

What we need are words that heal.

Words that clean up the mess.

Words that open doors.

Words that connect us.

We have words that when put together bring hope.

Bring meaning to this struggle.

It’s time we recognize we are all in this struggle.

Some are rich. Some are poor.

Some are white. Some are black.

Some are straight. Some are gay.

Some “on the right”. Some “on the left”.

But it doesn’t add up!!

It is not a game — this thing called life.

We all need to get T.P.

And get this mess cleaned up!

T.P. is trans-political.

The whole of a person

Is more than the sum of their labels

Let alone a single label!

So, how unconscious it is to think “I know you” across enemy lines.

We need to get trans-political.

And transition from this binary

Where shutting outside of your in-group anyone who doesn’t hold your label

Makes you feel secure, in your trench of media bullshit!

Let’s be the medics.

Recognizing we are all wounded by this onslaught of fighting.

We are all connected, and what unifies us is greater than what divides us.

But we have fallen prey to this idea: “I know you [insert label]”

Though unspoken, it allows us

To know others as little as possible.

When what all of us need so much is connection.

We close the door, instead of saying, “I don’t understand.”

When we seek understanding

It’s an opportunity to learn

It’s an opening into a story, a painting, a poem, a dance, a song, a Life!

We are more than words. All of us are!

None of us are truly contained in a label.

Yet if someone hurls one at you, it always hurts.

Even if the pain receptors are gone

From years of battle or abuse.

I refuse to live in a binary mind.

The power of words must be claimed.

And claiming it collectively we will regain connection.

By saying to each other, “I want to understand you.”

We can begin to recognize our collective humanity.

And maybe start to stop blaming each other

And recognizing the bigger picture.

The knowledge of each other brings out many truths.

Firstly, we are all hurting.

Too many have so little love that they would do anything

To get attention.

Sadly, some lose their humanity.

But humanity is not sitting in the lost and found.

It is the connection to something beyond words that occurs

When we understand something about each other

And to feel each other emotionally.

There’s a crisis of disconnection, where the internet browsing

Takes the place of eye contact

And programmed entertainment

Takes the place of human engagement.

We don’t understand each other because

Humans being have so much to share! So much to become! So much to dream!

Mountains will move when we let our love lights shine.

This little light of mine is not a crutch.

I am strong. I am caring.

Those who know me know this.

And I am seizing the T.P. to start cleaning shit up!

I am a trans-political peace-maker.

That means I do not live entrenched with one side of an argument.

When I let someone fully explain their points of view

That is respect.

There may be opportunities to try to shut them down

Because I don’t believe that or I disagree, or I think that’s wrong

From my point of view.

And maybe it is, but if I do, when is it going to change?

There is something undefinable stepping in between people.

Causing them to fear, and attack.

Maybe it’s the ghost of a dead horse that’s been beaten to oblivion.

We need to stop it!

I say to you in love, “I hear you. I feel you.”

I am trans-political because politics is not of the people

Like it might have once been for intelligent white men

Like myself.

Just sayin’, this is a crisis!

Because the concentration of power has become so narrow

And so evasive, and so divisive

I say “Where’s my country?

“Where’s my government?

“Where’s my representative, in this mess?”

I am trans-political because the avenues of political power

Have been overthrown by money.

I am not rich in money.

I am rich in spirit, and in love with humanity.

I refuse to hate large swaths of humanity, even if they hate me.

Even if they harm me.

I am a healer showing up on the scene.

My assessment is dire.

But I am not just sitting down with a wounded patient.

I am trans-political, which is not less than political.

I am opening humanity by being fully human with my sisters and brothers.

I am speaking up to end this shit storm war of words!

By adding words of love onto the weaponized labels

To confuse the enemy… Not my enemy…

Someone thinks “enemy” and they become an enemy.

Although confusion does not solve this.

It opens a door to asking

“What’s going on?”

And people are starting to know in their hearts

That this shit can’t keep going on like this.

We can transition beyond our labeled identities

Into demystefied casualties of a war we maybe never understood before.

Being brought into the medical tent for a spiritual revival.

We can do it. Yes we can!

We are transitioning to a better world

Where the support system is inherent

In our communities of all walks.

We all know there is a better way.

It starts with ‘not knowing’. I want to know. I want to understand.

Trans-political identities have the opportunity

To let go of the massive insults in our guts.

We can let that shit out!

Then we can cleanse and begin to invite others

Into positive relationship with us.

Without pent up triggers, without emotional illness

Of wanting to kill or silence people who disagree with my perspective.

We can exist in a higher plane of emotional mending

With inspired words of connection.

Instead of these labels creating walls of narrowed identities.

In each other there is always more.

Seek it out and you will discover.

It’s true, that there is always more

Because when we are allowed to be,

Sprouts break through concrete of false labels

Growing up into stronger more

And more beautiful people who clearly cannot be contained by someone’s labels.

Let us be confused…

Feel our hearts beating.

Feel our breath enter our lungs.

Sense the electricity within us.

And start living for the day.

There is a planet to take care of.

And we must activate a whole new thing

To break through this impass.

It is everything, and it’s overwhelming, and it hurts

To try listening to dumb arguments, but listen.

If you do not react; if you withold judgement and simply reflect another

The intensity of disagreement can shift and dissipate.

People get hooked on getting a rise out of someone for whatever reason.

But it stands to reason maturity is about taking a step back.

To let the force deflect. Then turn the other cheek.

And let what is intended be clear

Question the meaning of words.

Open the dialogue in what is the meaning of your perspective.

Reflection is necessary, and choice is crucial.

Choice of engaging with the human being

In their emotional expression, upheaval, confusion.

Know yourself.

Be trans-political.

More than the sum of whatever someone thinks of you.

More than the theories of political controversy and opposition can put upon you.

Always more!

Brighter than ever! Be the sunshine!

Entering the dark alley as day break.

Shining upon the poor soul who has no one to love or be loved by.

There are more wounds in this world than we want to admit.

But it is too late for any more denial, silence, and complacency.

We all rise together as what is possible.

Right now we begin a new world by transitioning out of hate.

By listening to the stranger.

By letting their story be wanted

And the quest is in understanding.

Then we elevate love power together.


The consciousness of a cell is a microcosm of the consciousness of a human. There is vast space beyond its awareness. The illusion of universal knowledge of how everything works is nearly complete. Just in time for its downfall…Invisible is almost all of reality. What we see is as a single leaf in a giant forest of existence. What we feel has more truth of substance. What we hear is what we think we hear. What we see is what we think we see. What we know is what we think we know. All without regard to how we feel. But once deeper reality of human connection enters the nervous system, the breath of opening heart releases its smoke and holds up the mirror. See through to within.


People on screens

People in rows

People in virtual pews

People in virtual reality shows

Enfolded in a manipulation

Of massive proportions —

A great show is playing for us

Encoded instructions

Keep one ear open for the word

Following the shepherd’s crook

Protector, we do not trust any other.

And he tells us where to go and what to do. So conveniently, we follow.

A seemingly gentle suction

Has infiltrated our lives totally.

Harmless …so it seems…

Just as long as it doesn’t harm me…

Who to blame for all of this, that’s another story.

We blame the other for what we don’t have.

And blame the other for what went wrong today.

Have you met the other you blamed? What is their story?

How can we trust it?

Guilty by association or by myth.

Mythological powers enter the objects of our fears, subconsciously corrupting the mechanisms of control tolerance and restraint.

The normal rules no longer apply in dealing with the supernatural enemy.

We can look down upon the demons;

We can look askance at the demons;

We can look afar to the demons;

We may feel within the demons.

All are responsible. Sin is everywhere as is love and goodness. The matter is all in the intentions, and we have work to do to get in alignment.

None are free from sin, but Jesus is absolved.

Let in Yieauwaeiy*.

Accept self wholely. We must shed the ego posture of defenses to be our true vulnerable selves.

Resonant center of love lifting societies’ pains to the light and darkness of God’dess.

—Into mother’s arms — we dissolve self-concept.

Receive healing

Resonating oneness of the healing art.

Jesus took on the crucifixion in order to bear spiritually the sins of the world.

Awakened to the excruciating truths of all that has passed, all that is occurring, and all that is to come.

The Time

This is time to cry like babies – full on in deep upheaval.  Because we are all dead.  We are dead. It’s all we can do to keep reading and following the images with our eyes. Hear ye! God help us!  Our lives here spent living on addictions.  Surrounded by luxuries we havent earned. Built on falsehoods, we soar in cybernautical high fashion.  High above the waters of emotional truths.  Can we feel a thing?

Deadened to feel ten million murders. Deadened to know ten million crimes. Deadened to see ten million lies.  Crushed to hear ten million mothers cry.  Burning back into sensation, our skin tears open with ten million cases of mistaken identity.  Ten million assumptions of guilt. And ten million childhoods lost.  Ten million wounds to the heart.

Yes we have arrived now to cry.   .   .   We have a new weight in our hands twisted and heavy that needs to be lifted up.  We moan to bear this weight. 

God’dess hold us now!  We Carry and Carry Heave and Haul these broken hearts up on the mountain top with our last ounces of energy.  And God’dess Lift our hearts as fully painful as we may feel, up to God’dess Love. Spirit Rains restore us, God’dess dissolve this plight of soul wounds we have carried so long, so far, so hard pressed and stabbed by treacherous enemies of our truths. 

We are here!  Ready to be heard and seen now!  Awakening this very moment in us all sprouting growth of new hearts that live in this new time of urgent action.  Alive empowered and solid engines of change in motion!

Urgently, we lift up the call to the mountain tops.  We are broadcasting globally the full message of Love Unidiversity!  Everywhere now and now and now.  Breaking open the broken heart of suffering into God’dess Light.  We labor and birth our third eye consciousness into the world.  Exhaustive Healing through and through all time…  Connection.  What does it mean?

Receiving and Radiating Love Divine of Compassion.  Holding space and time in the elements of human life in the elements of biospheres.  We become habitats for integrating emotional truths in motion. Inter-changing interfaces of our mutual needs.  Real compassion holds all are one.  Deep truth on all levels.

The time is now… Expanded.


I Face North

Awaiting my Grandmother’s Words

I am down in the South Room

Facing the Cold Room

Waiting for Our Grandmother’s Words

to Arrive On The Air

With Whomever’s Voice I Hear

Delivering The Truth In Integral Form

Formulating Balance Within The Movements Carried On Through Waves of Energies Propelling Me Forward Into New Spaces

I Imagine You Imagining You Imagining Me

Imagining What We Will Do Together

Our Movements Curve Toward Each Other’s

Once In Contact, Firmly Pulling, Centrifugal Vortices Swirling Inward and Outward Magnetically

We are United In, Rising In, Breathing In, Welcoming In, Welcoming In, Welcoming In, Breathing Out, Falling In Love

Welcoming In Love,

Breathing In Love,

Rising In Love,

Rising In Love,

Rising In Love,

Uniting In Love

Feeling Total Relaxation Balance Connection

Feeling Wonderful Awesome Lovely

In Awe of Our Collective Movement Into Harmony Compassion Caring

Believing Is Seeing, Thinking, Understanding Teaching,

My Grandmother’s Word’s Whispered Bless My Crown, My Third Eye, My Throat, My Heart, My Solar Plexus, My Navel, My Root, My Shoulders, My Hips, My Elbows, My Knees, My Hands, My Feet, My Whole Field Extending Far Into the Floor, Far Into the Ceiling. I AM BLESSED

Blessed In Bliss In Connection

Great Grandmother Ocean,

Please Show Us What You Taught Grandmother Land

We Are Your People Here and All Over

Born To Honor and Serve Your Needs,

Because We Believe


J. Nathaniel Peyman

April 5, 2020 12:07 a.m.

Cabot, Vermont

Brace For Compassion

We are entering a time of immense change

Far beyond the comprehension of

What we imagine courage is…

What is in store for humanity is a stream of opportunities for deep growth and transformation.

This always includes death.

Heavy are the gravities of these opportunities for transformation

Everywhere we are, change awaits us with bated breath, and baited hooks as well.

To carry our minds with opened eyes out of our fogs of total recall realities, the machine-operated mechanisms that have warped and obscured our natural consciousnesses.

Full-hearted, we awaken the powers of full embodied experience rising up in our souls, and lifting us out of and away from puzzled stagnation…


Hello my consciousness.

Once again we awaken to remember our bodies are our minds as well.

Once again we awaken to remember our lands we dwell upon are our minds as well.

Once again we awaken to remember our waters we swim in, insides and out, are our minds as well.

Once again we awkwaken to remember our microbial populous are our minds as well.

Once again we awaken to remember our fungal kingdom are our minds as well.

Once again we awaken to remember our plant kingdom are our minds as well.

Once again we heave awakened to remember our creepy crawlies and all invertebrates are our minds as well.

Once again we awaken to remember our fish, our reptiles, our birds, our mammals, all our humans are our minds as well.

The minds are infinite. Charged with capacity for illustrious manifestations, but instead simply placed in neat boxes for comfort and convenience. We permitted that for fear of rejection. But now the seems of “normal” split open wide revealing the grand illusion, and the darkness around our thoughts. Our minds lift open further to restore healing self-awareness, self-love.

Forward we awaken the awakening of all our creations are our minds.

We ARE our creations.

1) When we remember that we have power to create reality we get to choose our scope of influence.

2) One choice being – oneself moving toward taking some objective goal; position, possession, or recognition.

3) In so we perceive some forms of status in our social groups.

Then the next choices arise.

4) How to understand our paths to these achievements, what are our relationships within our communities?

5) How to understand our relationships within our communities; what are our values we put forth in words, actions, and emotions?

6) How to understand our values we put forth; what are our positions of responsibility in our communities?

7) How to understand our positions of responsibility; what are our souls’ purposes here in community with all our relations?

8) How to understand our souls’ purposes here in community with all our relations; what are our minds awakening to? What gives us life? What gives us soul power? What gives us transformative selfhood, brotherhood, sisterhood, motherhood, fatherhood, Great grandmotherhood!?

9) Beingness.

10) We are awakening.

11) We are collectively powerful earth beings. Ready to serve the needs of all beings in some radically rooted ways.

12) Our foci upon the failures of our pasts shift into dynamic embodiments in our infinite connections moving forward. Enabled to defy the gravity of these unending distractions, we fly.

13) We are free!

Hello once again, my friends.

Welcome back to life!


What happened to Warmth?

Why is everyone continuously trying to be Cool?

How cool do we really want to be?

Chillin out like nothing really matters?

Smoothing everything out Cool, gliding effortlessly through the scene?

But there’s pressure to get inside your head. So you turn up the A/C!

Blasting cold notions of hydrofluorocarbons into your overheating aura?

Does that make you feel better?

What’s wrong with being warm?

Human touch is good warm human touch is

Good warm human touch is good warm human

Touch is warm, human, good, and needed.

This act of cool and cooler, coolest stuff on the planet!

Blasting glossy indifference into the static humidity of shared air with a chill.

What is it for?

To find ways of avoiding difficult emotions while maintaining some status of invulnerability?

To keep the ugly truth of our messy emotions from entering our nostrils?

To prevent human contact to be melting the ice of our dissociative combination locks?

But it’s getting harder to cool this Breath of Life

Warm, wet, and heavy in your face.

Touching you, entering your mind

As Love Power Energizing Human Warmth

Between to the Inside margins of fear,

The warmth finds you

Spilling Open Your Truth. Exhale.

Inhale the Heat of Your Own Body

Glowing with Love Energy!

Breathe out the moans of Hot Pain, Angst, and Trauma!

Delivering the melted remains of tensions

Into the floor, sinking below the earth

Releasing your selfish mind to posture

Resistance to the Truth — melting into flow.

Releasing your mind of selfish posturing

Resistance to the Truth — melting into flow.

Releasing your posture of protection and certainty

Mind melting into currents of emotional truths

Being within ecstatic humanity of warmth

Entering, flowing, releasing, openning, transforming

Becoming. Becoming sensitive. Becoming vulnerable.

Becoming fluid humans being, touching, breathing

Feeling, moving with each other. Awake.

Awakening truth flowing through the infinite connection

Lighting circuits of low resistance

Building a Cultural Shift Requiring Warmth from Being Human.

J. Nathaniel Peyman

March 6, 2019

The Quest For Honesty — Framing a Prayer


The Quest For HONESTY

The interest in honesty and standards of measuring our own honesty have been deeply subverted into complacency.

Definition of Complacency:  Self-satisfaction accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.

Unawareness may be willful denial of competing realities to one’s own.  Denial of others’ realities generates effects of numbing, closing down and dehumanization of those whose identity differs.

In this time of hidden wars, mental-emotional strife, and an elevated sense of urgency for change, our society is shifting toward greater understanding of life.  Many people can now see there are totally different lenses by which to view each other.  Mutuality awakens new perceptions for what matters.  The unneeded mind-set disintegrates when the new view is revealed and taken in awakening.  The pain of lies are hard to bear.  We need to remember the energy released in the pain of seeing the lies goes to God.  God thrives on our mental compost freely given!  Pray we now to God.

Dear Beloved Goddess, please hear our prayer.  Filled in awe we are of your grace.  Receive my pain today as I feel Your truths pour through me.  Let me heal.  Enter my darkness to integrate me.  I offer myself open to You.  I turn out my insides to reveal and be healed, releasing my life to you, Goddess.  My heart is yours.  I myself am open to heal.  ..  Ahauiahwei  ..

This life I carry forth into your light into your darkness to be blessed by You.  This life I carry forth into Your Heart to be carried by Your song in me.  I assume responsibility for my day today and my day tomorrow.

Supraconscious – Senses Alive – Sensitizing Minds – To Feel Others’ Energy – Feeling One’s Own Energy – Feeling One’s Own Tensions – Feeling Others’ Feelings – Seeing Each Other – Feeling The Tensions Among All Things – And Within All Connections – Chords of Resonance – And Melody of Meanings.

One situates among the gathering, connected and centered in self-knowledge.  Connected and centered in compassion.  Connected and centered in Openness and Honesty, Truth and Forgiveness, Humility and Love, Patience and Good Will.

..  Ahaujiahue  ..  Bless my prayers – Bless my soul – Bless our hearts – Bless our bodies – Bless our floor – Bless our ceiling – Bless our ears – Bless our eyes – Bless our hands – Bless our feet – Bless this home – Bless this land – Bless this place – Bless the spirits of the land – Our ancestors be blessed – Bless all of our minds to perceive, forgive, thank, and love our ancestors to live in us now!

Welcome ancestors to this earth we inhabit with our Beloved Mother Earth, with our stubborn minds, with our willful hungers, and our frightened souls.  You welcome us back to the upper world!  We have long awaited your voices to guide us.  Bless your perceiving, forgiving, thanking, and loving to me, to us, to us all infinitely.

Forgive us for inabilities to forgive the past.  These are collective complexes we share of pride, shame, guilt, and fear.  Unable to be forgiveness because we do not confess.  Forgive our inwardness Lord.  Praise this infinite gift of your forgiveness.  Unleash us from our pride and love of falseness with your higher love and your omni-present unending heartbeat of truths.  Rain down a balm of earth-shattering truths on my soul.  Truths of all I have done.  Truths of the inheritance.  Truths of co-creation — that we are each a Goddesshead present always creating each and everything in relation fluidly.

Borne in waters, sound, fire, air, spirit, earth, and living things of all kinds – alive within fluids of all kinds, elements including stone are fluid in their own vibrations.  All happenings give rise to unique wave-forms flowing through each space — communicating meaning.  The awakening that arises for the beloved community of conscious caring is one (and many) of recognizing our own amazing potentials within community – freed to be one’s whole self – from the inside out, healing doubt, fear and injury into the sunshine of self-love empowerment, and into the womb of self-love empowerment.

By sharing the burdens of our collective survival we can consciously cocreate space for mutual personal unfolding through respect, trust, and love.  Mutual empowerment through shared work – collaboration,  and space for honesty and healing.  Mutuality of natural place and biodiversity is intrinsic to community of work for common causes.  We serve spirit’s callings to steward our place in the communities of nature as diversely as can be – to love as a way of being in all relations.


One Love